7 Best Monitors Under 5000 in India (2020)- Buyer’s Guide!

A Monitor is an essential accessory for everyone in this interval. With this gadget's help, you can easily do your daily work like gaming, watching movies, browsing, programming, editing, and studying.

Earlier, the monitor was mostly used for office and shop, but it is no longer so because the world has been advanced; in this time, every younger has a monitor.


In this article, I am going to share with you a comprehensive list of 9 best monitors available under Rs 5000 in India.so; if you are planning to buy a monitor under Rs 5000 with exciting features, then this post is absolutely for you.

The list of these monitors is based on performance, quality, design, brand, and features. So without worrying, you can choose any one product from this list.

Apart from the 9 best monitors review, here I discussed a monitor buying guide to makes you monitor the finding process more comfortably.  With the help of this buying guide, you can get in-depth knowledge about the monitor technology.

If you plan to buy a monitor under Rs 15000 instead of 5000, then look at the list of 9 best monitors under Rs 15000 in India.

1.HP LED Backlit Computer Monitor - 19KA 

HP 19KA is one of the best computer monitors available in India under Rs 5000.it comes with many exciting features along with an HD display of 18.5 inches.

  • Display size - 18.5 inch (46.9 cm)
  • TN panel
  • Refresh rate - 60Hz
  • Response time - 5ms
  • Brightness - 200nits
  • Connectivity port - VGA
  • Screen resolution - HD 1366*768
  • Warranty - Three Years
  • Viewing Angle - 90 degrees

The refresh rate of 60Hz and a response time of 5ms makes it the ideal monitor to buy for watching movies, graphic design, and web browsing.

This computer monitor's best aspect is that it comes with an adjustable display, which means that you can adjust its screen up to 5 degrees forward or 20 degrees backward.

The sleek and compact design allows you to place it from a little place on your desk. It capable of supporting the screen resolution of   1766*768 pixels.

This monitor comes with only a VGA connectivity port. It features a long term warranty support of three years.

The 16:9 of respect ratio is enough for play movies, video editing, graphic design, programming, etc.

Besides, it comes with a wide viewing angle of 90 degrees. It doesn't have any adjustable stand.

It has a brightness of up to 200 nits, due to which it is capable of providing brilliant pictures even in lighted environments.


  • Incredible performance 
  • Full Value for money
  • Convenient to Use
  • Wall mount support


  • Not ideal for heavy use    
  • No in-built speaker    
  • Doesn't have an adjustable stand

2.Acer Aopen Monitor - 22CH1Q

Acer is one of the trustable computer monitor manufacturers, which has some excellent types of monitors. This monitor comes with remarkable features to qualify as one of the best monitors under Rs 5000 in India in 2020.

  • 21.5 inches display
  • TN Display
  • Refresh rate - 60Hz
  • Connectivity ports -HDMI & VGA
  • Brightness - 200 nits
  • Response time - 5ms
  • VESA Wall mount
  • Screen resolution - Full HD 1920 x 1080
  • Warranty -Three years
Acer Aopen 22H1Q

It comes with an HD display of a screen size of 29.5 inches. The screen resolution of 1366*786 is ideal for web browsing and moving.

This computer monitor's highlight feature is that it comes with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a response time of 7ms to deliver you high-quality images and visuals.

The VESA wall mount feature allows you to place it on the wall, due to which you can save it from damages and your kids.

The Flicker-free technology repeatedly filters the screen flicker to provides you brilliant pictures and visuals. Besides, it ensures a comfortable viewing experience for an extended period.

It features a Blue light filter mode to reduce eye fatigue, making it an ideal monitor for an extended period without eye fatigue.

It designed with two connectivity ports, such as HDMI and VGA. The monitor comes with three years of warranty support.

This monitor's overall performance and build quality are excellent, making it one of the best monitors under Rs 500.


  • Ideal for home and shop use  
  • Excellent performance
  • Durable design 
  • Affordable price


  • Not pefect for gaming 

3.Dell D1918H 18.5-inch LCD Monitor

Dell is known as one of the famous computer monitor manufacturers in the world, which has some excellent computer monitors .this monitor comes with incredible features at a reasonable price.

  • Display size - 18.5 inches
  • Display resolution - HD 1766*768 pixels
  • TN Display
  • Refresh Rate - 60Hz
  • Response time - 5ms
  • Flicker-free technology
  • Viewing angle - 90°
  • Connectors - HDMI & VGA
  • Warranty - Three Years
Dell D1918H

The 60 Hz refresh rate and response time of 5ms make it the best monitor to buy under Rs 5000 for home use and multimedia. Besides, it enhances the performance speed of the monitor.

It features two connectivity ports, one of which is a VGA port, and the other one is an HDMI port. The 200 nits brightness provides you with high-quality images and scenes.

The Screen size of 18.5 inches with an LCD-backlit display is sufficient to play low graphic games and watch movies, video editing, and study.

It comes with an HD screen along with a screen resolution of 1366*768 pixels. This monitor has warranty support for three years.

This computer monitor's significant feature is that it comes with an anti-glare coated display, thereby, conveniently using it even in a light environment.

The flicker-free technology typically reduces the screen flicker and lags to provides you with a comfortable viewing experience.

If you are looking for the best computer monitor under Rs 5000 in India, it can be proven to be one best for you.


  • Speedy performance
  • Wall-mount option
  • Convenient to use for long term
  • Reasonable price


  • Doesn't have speaker

4.Zebronics - ZEB-A16HD LED (Black)

Zebronics ZEB-A  monitor comes with many outstanding features at an affordable price; the notable features make it the best-LED monitor under Rs 5000.

  • Display Size - 15.6 inch
  • Screen resolution - HD 1366 x 768
  • Brightness: 220 nits
  • Refresh rate - 60Hz
  • TN Panel
  • Response Time - 5ms
  • Connectivity ports - VGA/HDMI
  • Wall Mount support
  • Anti-glare Display 
  • Warranty - Three years
  • Zebronics ZEB

    This computer monitor's highlight is that it comes with a low response time of 5ms and an ideal refresh rate of 60 Hz. It supports a screen resolution of 1366*768 pixels.

    It comes with an adjustable display, which means that you can adjust its display forward or backward as per your requirement.

    It comes with wall-mount support to place it on the wall; with this feature's help, you can keep it safe from damage and keep away from your children.

    To compatible with different types of systems, it is designed with two connectivity ports; HDMI port and VGA port.

    The screen size of 15.5 inches makes it an ideal monitor to buy for multimedia purposes and office goers. It comes with a glossy and slim design to ensure a premium and stylish look.

    The display capable of produces a brightness of up to 220nits; thereby, you can get more vibrant looking images and scenes.

    It comes with a TN panel,which is ideal for watching movies, playing games, editing, etc. The monitor has warranty support for one year.


    • Excellent design
    • Good connectivity options
    • Easy to Use
    • High-quality display


    • No Inbuilt speaker
    • Doesn't have a headphone jack

    5.Zebronics 21.5 inch (54.6cm) LED Monitor

    The Zebronics is counted among the top famous monitor manufacturer, as it manufactures excellent types of computer monitors at a reasonable price. This monitor comes with notable features at an exciting cost.

    • Display size -21.5 inches
    • Screen resolution - Full Hd 1920*1080 pixels
    • Brightness - 300 ints
    • Colors - 16.7m
    • 60Hz refresh rate 
    • Response time - 5ms
    • Viewing angle - 160 degrees
    • Warranty - three years
    • Connectivity ports - VGA/HDMI/Audio
    Zebronics LED monitor

    The monitor has a Full HD LED display of 21.5 inches, which is enough for gaming, programming, and multimedia. It can support a screen resolution on 1920*1080 pixels.

    This monitor has three connectivity ports, such as VGA port and HDMI port, audio port, and a headphone jack.

    You don't need to buy extra speakers, as it comes with two speakers, capable of delivering you rich quality sound.

    It should be an ideal monitor if you are looking for a monitor under Rs 5000 for gaming or multimedia purpose, as it comes with a short response time of 5ms and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

    Like other monitors, it also has wall-mount support to put it in the wall. The monitor comes with a long time warranty support of three years.

    The display is capable of project 16.5 million of color, which ensures more vibrant looking images and scenes.


    • Two in built speakers
    • Remarkable performance
    • Headphone jack
    • Wall mount option


    • Some user have complained about its cheap build quality  

    6.Acer - V206HQL (Black)

    Acer  V206HQL computer monitor comes with a 60 Hz of high refresh rate and low response time of 5ms, which makes it the best computer monitor under 5000 rupees in India.

    • 19.5 inches of display
    • Display Resolution -HD 1366 x 768 pixels
    • Response Time - 5 ms
    • Refresh Rate - 60 Hz
    • Color Supported - 16.7 m
    • Brightness -200 nit
    • Viewing Angles - 90°
    • TN Display
    • Warranty - 3 years
    Acer V206HQL

    This monitor's display can produce 16.5 million colors to provide you with brilliant pictures and visuals. It comes with a screen size of 19.5 inches, which makes it an ideal monitor to buy under Rs 5000.

    The screen resolution of 1366*768 pixels should be ideal for various fields such as watching movies, gaming, design, studying, and many more.

    It comes with a 90-degree wide viewing angle so that you can get natural and energetic images even when viewing its screen from different angles.

    You can conveniently put in on a wall in your room, as it comes with a wall-mount feature. This computer monitor comes with the adjustable display, so you can effortlessly adjust its head as you want.

    Besides, it designed with two build-in-speakers, each that capable of providing theatre-feel-like sound.

    The best aspect of this monitor is that it comes with Flicker-free technology which repeatedly filters the flicker of the screen to delivers you crystal clear images.

    To reduce your eye fatigue , this monitor features a blue light filter, which continuously purifies the harmful blue lights.


    • Flicker-free operation  
    • Decent color precision
    • Good Build quality
    • Less reflective screen


    • Thick bezels around the display

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